Bringing Biblical “Nouthetic” Counseling to Peninsula Charleston

“But what of Nouthetic counselling?” you ask. But the problem is that because of all of the conflicting and confusing nomenclature abroad in the Christian church, it would identify virtually nothing. Christian (or biblical) counseling must be biblical throughout. A name ought to help the one who reads it to distinguish it from others that might seem to be similar. Because there are so many who use the names Christian or Biblical, those names no longer distinguish any system from any other. The word Nouthetic, (1 Corinthians 4:14) on the other hand, stands out from the pack. Because only those who want to be known as such will use the name, it separates the system from others and eliminates much confusion.

But you will want to know precisely what the word Nouthetic means and how it is that the Peninsula Biblical Counseling Center chooses that name to describe the biblical system of counseling that we’ll espouse. The word comes from the Greek New Testament. It has, within it, three elements-concern, confrontation, and change. Nouthetic counseling, using the Bible as its primary source, is counseling that involves face-to-face confrontation by one person to another, out of loving concern for him, in order to bring about the changes God desires in his life (Romans 15:14). That in a nutshell, is what Nouthetic counseling is all about.  

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