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Scripture provides hope

At the Peninsula Biblical Counseling Center (PBCC), we believe Scripture provides hope for even the darkest of human sin and suffering. 

The major goal of the PBCC is to erect from the Bible (the Holy Scripture), a model and method to wisely, through the scripture, help people with their life problems. 

Biblical Counseling is not new; in simple terms Biblical Counseling is prayerfully ministering the “Word of God” to those who face struggles in life and who desire wisdom and God’s direction for their lives.

Abortion, Abuse, Adultery, Aging, Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Broken-hearted, Communication, Dating, Death, Decision-making, Depression, Disappointment,  Divorce, Eating Disorders, Fear, Finances, Forgiveness, Gossip, Grief, Guilt, Homosexuality, Hope, Loneliness, Mothering (Parenting), Pornography, Pride, Prodigal Children, Purpose for Living, etc.

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